Fracino Citrus 2

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A simple but highly efficient system for extracting pure juice from fresh oranges.

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Easy to operate; simply place half an orange in the open chamber, close the lid and the rotating head unit will swiftly extract all of the juice in just a few seconds Simple to Clean; the one-piece head unit and removable, stainless steel extractor mechanism ensure optimum hygiene and an easily maintained juicer system. The clear polycarbonate jug that collects the fresh juice is also easy-clean.

The Citrus 2 is fitted with a double head extraction system to allow the user to juice a complete fruit at the same high speed. Simply cut an orange in half and place both halves in the open chamber, close the lid and in just a few seconds the juice is extracted.

  • Simple Lever System operation with unbreakable handle
  • Easy-clean body
  • Stainless Steel (304) extraction components
  • Auto operation on pressing the lever down
  • Fast access for simple dismantling and cleaning of internal extractor parts
  • Extractor components are dishwasher safe
  • Includes unbreakable polycarbonate juice jug
  • Powerful motor for cool extraction process so as to maintain juice quality

You can download the brochure from here.

Every one of these machines is hand-made in the factory by Fracino. Please allow 3-4 week lead time for your machine.



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Dimensions 35 × 33 × 45 cm


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