Wilfa PowerFuel Digital Blender


The high-speed blender PowerFuel Digital is a powerful and versatile digital blender with Wilfa’s signature stylish design. Our latest top model in the PowerFuel series blends even the toughest ingredients to perfection in seconds. It gives you perfect results with everything from smoothies, almond flour and nut butter to steaming hot, ready-to-serve soups.

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  • 1680 Watt motor – equivalent to 3 horsepower
  • 1.5 litre Tritan square flask with smart corners
  • Modern LED panel
  • 6 programs for easy cooking
  • 10-year motor warranty


With its powerful ProGrade engine of 3 horsepower, the specialist seven blades spin with up to 30,000 revolutions per minute – it’s one of the most powerful blenders available on the market. The engine can be run continuously for a full 10 minutes.

Industry-leading warranty

There is a 10-year motor warranty on the blender.

Tritan flask with Smart corners

The robust and lightweight flask is made of Tritan plastic and holds an impressive 1.5 litres.

The benefits of using Tritan is that is light, crystal clear and far more robust than other plastics, or even than a typical glass flask used for an ordinary blender. The Smart corners are specially angled to ensure maximum and efficient vortex function for the most complete blending possible. The contents are thrown up higher into the flask which in turn makes the blending of smoothies and soups, flour, butter etc smoother. With a regular blender, the contents usually end up smoother the closer they are to the blades, while the higher up in the flask, they become cloudier, less combined and coarser in texture. There is no such problem with the PowerFuel’s smart corners!

Modern LED panel

The blender is easily controlled with a simple and modern LED panel.

Program settings

PowerFuel comes with as many as six pre-set programs to help when making anything from soup to smoothies. Use the programs to press & leave the blender, and achieve perfect results every time.

Time and speed settings

You can also choose to run the blender in manual mode. Here you can set the time and speed yourself so that you always achieve the desired result. Experiment with your favourite recipes and get bespoke blending results – the possibilities are endless!

Automatic overload protection

To protect the blender from overload, the blender has a built-in sensor. The smart sensor detects if there are too many ingredients in the flask (ie, too much weight) to effectively proceed and will automatically prevent the blender from starting, saving itself from burnout and damage.

Safety switch

A separate safety switch ensures that the machine does not start without the jug being put in place correctly.




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