Wilfa Uniform+ Coffee Grinder plus free bag of Lavazza Super Crema


For several years, Wilfa has worked with Tim Wendelboe with the main focus on developing products that give you the optimal coffee taste. Tim says “The key to good coffee lies in the grinder.”

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Buy now and you will receive a free 1kg bag of Lavazza super crema!
Lvazza Super Crema

58 mm wide and flat grinder heads in stainless steel

The grinder heads provide a more even ground size for sweeter coffee and a fuller mouthfeel.

41 adjustment steps with precise grinding

The coffee grinder’s adjustment step grinds slowly and precisely for espresso, Aeropress, “pour over”, filter coffee, press jug and other methods. It grinds slowly to prevent the coffee from overheating so that you don’t lose aroma and taste.


Grinding is stopped automatically after the last bean has been ground.

Easy to clean

The stainless metal anti-static coffee container reduces coffee dust. A small brush is included.

Solid construction

Made of steel and aluminium.

Including accurate digital scale

The lid of the coffee grinder is equipped with a digital scale with a 0.1 g sensitivity. It is easy to connect with your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

Supplied App

The app gives you an overview of how to grind the optimal amount and to what degree of grinding, as well as a “pour over” program.

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