Granisun Tank Rear Gasket Seal


A common cause of slush machine leaks is that seals are not regularly cleaned and lubricated. Removing the tanks, thoroughly cleaning them, and then lubricating the seals weekly is important. Seals can dry out and collect dirt, causing slush machine leaks.

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The most common seals in a slush machine are:

  1. The Rear Gasket Seal—Leaks come from the rear of the tank, collect via the escape tube at the base, and into the drip tray.
  2. The Tap Plunger Seal – Leaks coming from the handles into the drip tray.
  3. The Beater Seal – Leaks coming from the underside of the machine.

The Beater Seal, in particular, is critical to the proper functioning of a slush machine. If this seal is damaged, slush can reach electrical components, resulting in an expensive repair or even replacement.

Proper seal cleansing is also vital. The slush tank(s) should be removed, followed by the seals and other parts. Seals should then be washed thoroughly using warm, soapy water, rinsed, and lightly lubricated, taking care to coat the entire seal. Manufacturers recommend cleaning a slush machine and its seals weekly to reduce the risk of leaks, extend the machine’s life, and ensure compliance with health and hygiene regulations.




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