Sencotel Spiral


Spiral to fit 10 l GB Sencotel slush machine tanks.

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The slush machine “spiral” component most frequently breaks when the machine is powered off overnight. It is likely that there will be frozen material remaining inside the tank. When the machine is powered on the following day, the component can break due to the pressure created when it rotates against solidly frozen material.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, “Night//Chilled Mode” should be used overnight, allowing the slush machine to rotate all night. The machine is designed to do this, and it will ensure that the slush mix is slowly defrosted and ready for trouble-free operation the following day.

Our slush machines are designed for efficiency, so they are not expensive to run overnight.

As an added benefit, when the machine is returned to “Freeze Mode,” the slush mix will freeze much more quickly—and therefore less expensively—than it would at ambient temperature.




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