Sencotel Gearbox Motor


Gearbox Motor to fit GB Sencotel slush machines.

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There are many reasons for slush machine gearbox failures. The most common include:

  • Poor Quality Slush Syrup—Using inferior-quality slush syrup in the tank(s) can cause the mix to overfreeze, placing unnecessary additional stress on the motor, gearbox, and other parts.
  • Running on Empty – If the slush machine is regularly operated with low tank levels, the mix can again over-freeze, causing the same problems as using low-quality slush syrups.
  • Incorrect Water Ratio—Using too much water to dilute slush syrup can cause the mix to overfreeze, causing the same problems as using low-quality slush syrups or running the machine on empty.
  • Component Failure – Very occasionally, slush machine motors, gearboxes and other components can fail for no discernible reason. The older these parts get, the higher the likelihood of failure.

The motors, gearboxes, and other components in the machines that we sell are amongst the most robust available, and therefore, component failure is very unlikely; however, cheaper, low-quality, imported slush machines can experience regular failures of this type.




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